My first book in the Howls in the Night trilogy is out and available as a Kindle Ebook here!

Belle Knight isn’t your typical werewolf. She’s stronger and faster and can kick ass just as well as she can cook. 

And as a chef, her meals are amazing. 

Only one problem: in her quest to strengthen her inner wolf and protect those she loves, she’s forgotten what it’s like to view life as a normal human. However, when Max Greyson walks into her life, being a human doesn’t seem half as bad anymore. 

In fact, hiding her werewolf side at the moment isn’t a bad idea since she and her pack are being targeted by Hunters. It’s a good thing she has Max to help her fight her ruthless enemies. 

Max just has to make sure the woman he’s falling for doesn’t find out that he’s the Hunter sent to destroy her.